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I'm currently teaching lecture courses in Continuum Mathematics (EMAT31410), and Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos (EMAT33100). (Course materials available internally on "Blackboard"), containing elements of various mathematical methods with applications, specifically: Asymptotics, Complex Functions, Partial Differential Equations, and Nonlinear Dynamics. Previously I taught Engineering Physics I (EMAT10005).

Office hours... whenever my door is open, which is most of the time excluding Fridays, when I wander around seeking sources of coffee.

Enthusiastic students are welcome to enquire about PhD/postgraduate studies at any time, I usually have a few project ideas lying around, and occasionally some sources of funding. (A few open problems are also listed below as potential projects.)

The design of physical science is .. to learn the language and interpret the oracles of the Universe.

Sir William Rowan Hamilton, lecture on Astronomy 1831

Apart from not learning french, je ne regrette croissant.

Lee Mack, 2009

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