Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics

Intensive Research Program in Barcelona, 2016


Welcome to the Participant's page for the

Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics

a season of events running throughout February-April 2016
at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) in Barcelona.

The themes below are just intended to create concentrations of people at certain times, they are not formal events and need not restrict your visit.

To help you plan:

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The themes listed were just for planning purposes, topics evolved depending where the discoveries took us.

Easter week: the program took a break for the week 21-25 March, though some of us remained in residence to enjoy the local festivities.

The organizers (Mike Jeffrey, Alessandro Colombo, Josep Olm, and Tomàs Làzaro) thank everyone for their participation in an exhaustingly productive, creatively exhillirating, and socially enjoyable season with friends in Nonsmoothland, Barcelona.

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